"I have referred many patients with a variety of mental health needs to Anna Collins since 2010, some suffering from complex and chronic disorders. As a Chartered Psychologist she has demonstrated a consultative, empathic style and used innovative techniques implementing contemporary protocols. I am delighted to have the services of Dr Collins to call upon and recommend her without hesitation”.
Dr Tim Cantopher BSc MB BS FRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist

"Dr Collins developed a variety of assessment tools to evaluate the well-being and engagement of Hays employees, identifying specific areas that are significant to their productivity. I would not hesitate to recommend her service.”
Elisabetta Bayliss, Director Hays plc.

"My outlook has changed immeasurably since I first came to see you. I feel as if I owe you so much as I know I could not have reached this point without your help - so thank you!”
Client suffering from depression and anxiety resulting from chronic health condition.

"Dr Anna Collins delivered an excellent session on managing automatic responses to situations. During the session she reinforced earlier sessions to consolidate previous learning. I felt the whole group was fully engaged throughout, both with Dr Collins and the other group attendees and it is exactly what you strive to achieve. I found Dr Collins extremely professional, flexible and warm, and felt she had created a positive environment for all attendees to maximise their session and post session objectives."
S. Bowe Feedback from an Ofsted assessment of the group work for the Government’s Condition Management Programme.

"Dr Collins delivers our CMP programme in several locations across the South East and has been one of our best Clinicians!"
Feedback from Delivery Service Director, Argent Rehabilitation.

"You have helped to change my life. You have helped me to address difficulties I have lived with for many years.”
Client suffering from depression and disordered eating.


“After suffering with severe insomnia for years, things had reached desperation point - I booked to see Dr Collins and within a few sessions she had given me enough techniques and advice which enabled me to finally get the sleep I needed.  I’ve since seen huge improvements in my sleep patterns and am now managing a regular good nights sleep - can’t recommend enough!”
Client suffering from insomnia.


"This course has made such a difference to my life. It’s my job now to keep it going. You have inspired me to want to achieve.”
Attendee of the CMP group work suffering from depression and chronic pain.

"Thank you for making my future more fulfilling!”
Attendee of the CMP group work suffering from anxiety and panic disorder.

"It has been the hardest year of my life…the things you taught me have been of great use in keeping me going and for that I will be forever grateful.”
Client suffering from anxiety who experienced a bereavement midway through treatment.

"Having experienced a combination of depression and anxiety, I was referred to Dr Collins by my psychiatrist for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I was initially sceptical that CBT would be of help to me, but quickly realised that the therapy was exactly what I needed to help to fix my problems. Dr Collins is approachable, trustworthy and very easy to work with and her therapy is very well structured and easy to comprehend. Working with her and using her clearly defined pathways made it possible for us to target the source(s) of my problems and develop suitable coping strategies to enable me to control and negate the issues which led to my problems. Now, a couple of months down the line, I am back to my normal self, with an optimistic outlook and untroubled by the irrational anxiety which was ruling my life. I can unreservedly recommend Dr Collins and her skills in CBT.”
Client suffering from stress-induced depressive illness.

"After two sessions of EMDR therapy with Dr Collins I addressed a 43 year old trauma which I had not been able to manage before. I am now able to cope with the memory of the trauma and my feelings now feel balanced and very manageable."
Client suffering from depression resulting from a childhood trauma.