The experience of a panic attack can be extremely frightening. People are often unsure as to what is happening to them physically and many believe the physical symptoms are indicative of something being wrong. It is therefore understandable that some people that have suffered a panic attack become extremely fearful of repeating the experience and start avoiding situations which they believe may trigger another panic attack. This avoidance will reinforce the belief that a further panic attack will be unmanageable. Rather than remaining neatly contained to one area, the anxiety and subsequent avoidance may extend to incorporate an increasing number of situations and over time the fear of having another panic attack heightens.

Treatment will help the individual to understand what is happening physically when they experience a panic attack. The key objective is to change the individual’s relationship with their anxiety, helping them to be less fearful at the prospect of future panic attacks and gradually reducing the avoidance by facing the situations they fear. When the fear of having a panic attack is diminished, the anxiety associated with panic disorder will subside and it will feel possible to resume a full life once again.

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