Many people will experience periods when they find it more difficult than usual to get to sleep. For some however, this can extend to difficulty in sleeping on a prolonged basis. Different people will need varying amounts of sleep; some will wake refreshed after five hours of sleep, whereas others will require a minimum of eight hours. The diagnosis of insomnia requires a persistent difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep coupled with impaired social or occupational functioning.

The CBT treatment for insomnia (CBT-I) will work to diminish learned associations of being awake and restless in bed, an association which is likely to have developed after a prolonged period of finding it difficult to initiate or maintain sleep. In order to achieve this, an individual will be encouraged to keep a sleep diary, and from this their sleep efficiency (SE) calculated. Sleep efficiency refers to the percentage of time an individual spends in bed asleep. Individuals suffering from chronic insomnia tend to have a very low SE score, but ideally the SE score should be >80%.

By improving sleep efficiency, the association between being in bed asleep is gradually strengthened, and the learned association between being in bed awake and restless is weakened. When this work is carried out in conjunction with sleep education and hygiene, relaxation procedures and cognitive strategies for insomnia to address any underlying anxiety that may be disrupting sleep, significant improvements can be seen in an individual’s sleep pattern. The CBT-I approach to insomnia has been well researched. In a review of over 80 published studies examining the efficacy and effectiveness of CBT-I in the treatment of insomnia, CBT-I was found to be lastingly effective in treating chronic insomnia.

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“After suffering with severe insomnia for years things had reached desperation point - I booked to see Dr Collins and within a few sessions she had given me enough techniques and advice which enabled me to finally get the sleep I needed. I’ve since seen huge improvements in my sleep patterns and am now managing a regular good nights sleep - can’t recommend enough!”
Client suffering from severe insomnia.

“Dr Anna Collins delivered an excellent session on managing automatic responses to situations. During the session she reinforced earlier sessions to consolidate previous learning.

I felt the whole group was fully engaged throughout, both with Dr Collins and the other group attendees and it is exactly what you strive to achieve.

I found Dr Collins extremely professional, flexible and warm, and felt she had created a positive environment for all attendees to maximise their session and post session objectives.
S. Bowe Feedback from an Ofsted assessment of the group work for the Government’s Condition Management Programme.