Depression ranges in severity from mild episodes of low mood, through to severe persistent depression. Clinical depression is a severe and persistent form of depression, also referred to as major depression or major depressive disorder.

Clinical depression is an illness with very real symptoms. It is not a sign of weakness, and not something that you can simply “snap out of”. However, with the right treatment, people can make a full recovery. Treatment will generally involve a combination of anti-depressant medication and psychological therapy, and The Psychology Clinic will work with your GP or the referring Psychiatrist to ensure the treatment you receive is tailored and appropriate to your needs.

Clinical depression will affect people in different ways, but typically an individual suffering from clinical depression will feel very low in mood, hopeless about the future, and experience a loss of interest in things he or she previously enjoyed. There may also be physical symptoms, such as a loss of appetite, disturbed sleep, and feeling constantly tired.

Treatment will help an individual to identify the thoughts and behaviours that may be contributing to their depression, helping to make sense of the low mood. Through a combination of behavioural activation and cognitive restructuring, you will work with your therapist towards adjustments in behaviour and thinking style. You will develop an understanding of your depression and learn specific strategies that will help to reduce the likelihood of a recurring episode.

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“You have helped to change my life. You have helped me to address difficulties I have lived with for many years.”
Client suffering from depression and disordered eating.